Standard Operating Procedures for Technology Consultants

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Standard Operating Procedures for Managed Services: The Basics

Standard Operating Procedures for Managed Services: The Basics

Introduction to Money-Related Policies for Managed Service Providers

Introduction to Money-Related Policies  for Managed Service Providers

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About the Author

Karl W. Palachuk is the founder and CEO of a managed service business in Sacramento, CA. He is the founder and co-president of the Sacramento SMB IT Professionals Group and author of several books, including The Network Documentation Workbook and Managed Services in a Month.

Karl has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars over the last ten years. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree from Gonzaga University and a Master's Degree from The University of Michigan. He is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and is an original member of Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist Advisory Panel.


Selected Topics From The Book:

- Activating and Registering Client Software and Hardware
- Adding a New Machine to Managed Services
- After Hours Work
- Backups - Defining Your Client Backup
- Backups - Backup Philosophies and Client Communication
- Backups - Backup Monitoring, Testing, and Management
- Cash Flow - Weekly Procedure
- Cash Flow- Dealing with Late Payments
- Cash Flow- Getting Paid in Advance
- Daily Monitoring of Client Machines
- Date Formats
- DiSC Personality Profiles
- Email Rules and Etiquette for the Consultant
- Employee Expense Reports
- Employee Handbook
- Final Friday Training
- Firing Process
- Front Office Roles and Responsibilities
- Getting Started - Business Licenses, etc.
- Getting Started - Naming Your Business
- Getting Started - The Form of Your Business
- Hardware Replacement Policy
- Healthcare and Other Benefits
- Helping Clients with Audits - Security and Insurance
- Inventory Management
- Invoice Review and Processing
- IP Address Allocations
- Is This a Profitable Hour?
- Keeping Your Standards and Procedures Organized
- Labeling Equipment
- Local Docs, My Docs, and Storing Files on the Server
- Managing Internal Administrative Tasks
- Managing Temporary Files
- Massaging the Service Board
- Naming Conventions for Machines and Servers
- Naming Your Processes and Procedures
- New PC Checklists
- On Call and Night Staff
- Organizing Your Company Files and Folders
- Outsourcing (Some) of Your Monthly Maintenance
- Patch Management - Philosophy and Procedures
- Phone Etiquette and Procedures
- Quarterly Roadmap Meetings
- Removing a Client from Managed Services
- Responding to Viruses
- Response Times - Guarantees and Delivery
- Sales Tickets and Sales Queues
- Schedules and Timelines for Running Your Company
- Server Down Procedures
Service Board Backlog Management
- Technician Daily Time Management
- Technician Roles and Responsibilities
- Technician Supplies - "Scary Box"
- The !Tech Directory
- Using a White Board
- Vendor Management and Coordination
- Voicemail Passwords, etc.
- When Processes and Policies Become Obsolete
- Why We Do Monthly Maintenance
- Working in Real Time


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Managed Services Operations Manual

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Managed Services Operations ManualManaged Services Operations Manual

Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Consultants and Managed Service Providers


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